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Introduction of family

The family is a primary group social institution, and the basic unit of the society There is no society in the world where family is not found. The family fulfills the basic needs of society. Today the very nature and character of the family is changing, its functions have also changed.

            Maciver and Page: The family is a group defined by a  relationship sufficiently precise and enduring to provide for the procreation and up-bringing of children.

Nature of family :- 
  • Family is the most universal group. 
  • It is the first institution in the history of man. 
  • Family is a fundamental unit of human society. 
  • Family is a close knit group based on our impulses of mating, procreation, and parental care.
  • The size of the family is limited. as i is defined, by biological conditions and i cannot go beyond it.
  • Family exercises greatest influence over its members.
  • Its moulds the character of the individuals.
  • To be well born is the greatest of all gifts and to be ill born is due to lack of good heredity characters and the world cannot alter it.
  • It  is the nucleus of all other social groups.
  •  Marriage and parental obligations and other human relations make the family the primary institution. 
  • The entire social structure is built of family units.
  • Child leas the meaning of social responsibility in the family.
  •  It is a great agency for the socialization of the child.
  • The family is always governed of social customs and legal regulations.
  • Family as an institution is permanent but as an association it is temporary.
  • When the son marrics and goes out of the family and this process will go on and on. 
  • The family is the smallest kinship group.
  • It begins when partners marry and change When the sons marry.
  • When the children are young, family a o appears like a compact group.
  •  But as the children grow up the family disintegrates and may give rise to many more families.
  • The relationship changes and sometimes is reversed, When father becomes old, he gets dependent on his children.
Stages of the family :- 

Family did not originate all of a sudden but it passed through different stages:-
1. In the first instance was consanguine family in which marriage between blood relations was not forbidden.

2. Then was punaluant family in which  relationships were not definite.

3. Next then came Syndas man family in which one man married to only one woman but married relations were not definite.

4. Next came patriarchal family.

5. Next in the evolution of family came monogamous family where one man was supposed to marry one woman with definite regulations.

Characteristics of family:-

1. Family is a mating relationship between husband and wife which results in procreation of child without that no family can come into existence.

2. A family pre supposes institution of marriage. It may take any form i.e., may be an arranged or love marriage or the partners may be selected by the parents or others but the institution of marriage must be there. 

3. There is also a system of nomenclature in the family, such as father mother. brother sister, uncle, aunt etc. The system of nomenclature in the family involves also a mode of reckoning descent. The children take the family name of either father or mother, and usually, the transfer of property also follows the pattern of nomenclature.

4. In a family, head of the family is supposed to meet economic needs of its members and tries to raise their living standard. He is to sec that all members of family are comfortably placed. 

5. Each family must have common habitation which implies that members of family must live together under one roof. A common home or household is also a characteristic of the family.

6. There is close interaction between members of family. Interpersonal relationship is the key note of any family. 

7. The maintenance of a culture is also a characteristic of the family. The merging of cultural patterns transmitted from the two sides of the family in interaction with outside cultural influence creates the distinctive cultural patterns of every new family.

Family has certain important functions is well as status. Family is one of the status giving agents in the society.

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