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Introduction of Dowry System

                               Dowry is both a practice and a problem associated with Hindu marriage. Dowry is generally understood as money, goods, estate, ornament or any other kind of wealth that a woman brings to her husband at the time of marriage. Among Hindus, the girls used to get their parents as kind of gift. 


 Max Radin:-The dowry refers to the property which a man receives from his wife of her family at the time of his marriage.

 Encyciopedia Britannica:- Dowry is the property that is given to women at the tine of the marriage.

 Ahuja:- Dory may be broadly defined as gifts and valuable received in marriages by the bride, the bridegroom and his relatives.

Dowry as a social evil:- 
1) The age old practice of dowry has now assumed the form of a social evil because the bride's family is compelled to give some dowry as a price for marriage Huge.

 2) Huge amount of money is demanded at the promised amount would make the bride to   suffer the consequences at the hands of her Man hug time of marriage and the failure to give in laws and also the husband.

3) Kapadia thus remarks that the amount of the dowry is generally regulated by the social and economic status of the bridegroom's father, the social prestige of the bridegroom's family and educational qualification of the bridegroom. 

4) Young persons with high qualification are demanding huge amount of dowry as prosperities grooms.

5) The burden of giving money and other gifts has  to the groom & to his family does not stop when once marriage is over.

6) Since their price in the marriage market  gone up, the parents who have to give their daughters to such young men are now faced with difficulties in finding money. 

7) In addition money, these boys also demand jewellery, scooter/motor bike/ car, gadgetry, refrigerator, TV, sets furniture, clothes, utensils from the girls side.

Causes for Dowry or motivations 'for dowry'

 1) Pressure of the Caste System:-

> Practice of dowry is supported by the caste  system sometimes directly and some other times indirectly. 

>Caste is endogamous and sub caste, is also endogamous. 

>Since marriage has to take place within the boundary of sub-caste, the range of selection of life partners becomes extremely limited.

2) Aspiration to establish marital Relation with rich family:-

>Girls, parents are always interested in giving their daughters in marriage to well-to-do families. 

>Many of them do not want to take a risk arranging the marriage of their daughter with a boy who belongs to a poor family just because the boy is good. 

>They look into the future prospects of their daughter.

3) False conceptions of social status:-

 >Many a time girls parents themselves offer huge amount of money as "dowry gift" just to exhibit their high social status and parade their economic capacity Jains and Rajputs. 

>Christians of Kerala also spend much to  keep their prestige.

4. Hypergamous Marriage System Favoring Dowry:- 

>As per the rule of hyper gamy a girl of higher caste cannot marry a boy of lower caste. But a lower caste girl marrying on upper caste boy is permitted.

>Particularly when boys belonging to higher castes marry girls of lower caste they demand high dowry. 

5. Practice of Dowry as a long standing social Custom: 
Rice of dowry has a long standing role of its own like that of the devadasi system and child marriage It means many parents felt that was obligatory for them to give the girls share of ancestral property in the form of dowry at the time of her marriage.

6) Ampact of the vicious circle which Dowry has created: The practice of dowry has become very dominant because many parents demand dowry on behalf of their suns just to the dowry they have given while celebrating the marniage of their daughters Sometimes, individual who are against this system are also compelled to accept a few thousands or lakhs of rupees in. çash as dowry only because they have to spend on equal amount or their sister or daughters marnage. 

7) Practice of child marriage favoring dowry: Advanced maidenhood was also tolerated. But when pre-puberty marriages came into existence, the father of the girl became anxious to get her married 

Causes of dowry: 

I), Endogamy and the problem of getting a proper groom.

2) Child marriage 

3) Dowry a prestige symbol 

4) Ugly looking girls

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