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Information about of Modern Family

Information about of Modern Family  

Social functions of modern family 
1. It promotes values of social life. 

2. Needed for adopting social changes. 

3. It creates and promotes social values. 

Causes Responsible for the weakness of modern family 
1. Medical facilities 
2. Recreational facilities 
3. Social responsibilities 
4. Change in Economic conditions. 
5. Scientific and Technological Advancement 
6. Role of industrialization 
7. Weakening of bond unity 
8. Change in political philosophy 
9. Ever conflicts 
10. Role of urbanization 
11. Bonds of marriage. 
12. Changing character of modern family 
13. Urban and rural families.
Modern Family in english

Key features of modern family:-

  • Members not economically dependent on head of family. 
  • Girls select their own life partner. 
  • Wife is not dominated by husband; he is a partner in family affairs. 
  • Both boy& girl are free to have love marriage. So parents don't of burden of getting their children marriage in some nstances. 
  • Past marriage was a religious sacrament but now it has become a social contract. 
  • Now days family perform only essential functions, non essential functions are performed by other agencies like hospitals, nursing homes, MCH centers, and other social institutions. 
  • Modern family is very democratic.

Problems of a modern family :-

  • It is becoming increasing difficult to have proper adjustment between husband and wife. Mein reason for this is that whereas husband wants to maintain traditional supremacy , wife demands equal rights and privileges in the family. .
  • Today many families are faced with the problem of sexual disharmony. 
  • Today romantic marriages are frequent before marriage young boy and girl meet each other with high hopes. But after marriage young boy and girl get the real picture emerged and instead of a happy life there are family quarrels which  lead to divorces.
  • Problems of rearing children occur. 
  • There is improper administration of family,
becomin romantic

Suggestion for Reconstruction of modern family:-

1. Hastily conducted marriage based on romantic love should be discouraged. 

2. Marriage among physically disabled or mentally retarded persons should be legally banned & public opinion should be created against such marriages.

3.  No drastic changes in family should be made unless the family members agree.

 4. As far as possible family should run on democratic principles. 

Changes in the Modern Family :-

1. Decreased control of the marriage contract: 

  • The modern people are less subject to the parental control concerning whom and when they shall marry.
  • It is choice of mate by mate usually preceded by courtship of falling in love.

2. Changes in the relationship of man and woman :

  • She is now emaneipated of the-man
  • She is no longer the drudge and slave slavery of olden days.
  • She can sce the husband for her rights likewise be sued.

3. Laxity in sex relationship: 
               The rigidity traditionally associated sexual relationships no longer characterizes the modem family, cases of illegitimate sex relationship of the husband and wife too can be seen in modern family.

4. Economic independence:-
              Women in modern family have attainded an increasing degree of economic independenge women also now either work or have their ow business 

5. Smaller family:-
        Modern family is a smaller family, and the use of contraceptives and awareness related to family planning and family welfare is increased.

6.  Decline of religious control:- 
           The modern family has a secular attitude The authority of religion over marriage, family diverse etc has been markedly reduced.

7. Separations of non essential functions:- 
            Many functions of the member of the  are now performed by other institutions and organization of the society.E.g School, College, hospitals etc.

8. Filocentric family:-
            A Filocentric family is one wherein the children tend to dominate the scene and their wishes determine the policy of the family. 

9. Less economic dependence on the head of the family as each member gets educated and earns enough to meets his requirements and earns his own living. 

10. Girls are economically self sufficient and takes privilege to select their own life partners. 

11. More number of love marriages occurs. 

12. Marriage: Marriage is now a civil, contract and and-no-sacred-and-religious feelings sentiments are allotted with it.

13. Mordern  family is very democratic as against the old one where there was rule of authority.

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