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Classification of Famalies

Classification of Famalies

1. Residence
2. Ancestry
3. Authority
4. Marriage

1. Residence 
  • Matrilocal Residence 
  • Patrilocal Residence
  • Changing Residence

2. Ancestry 

  • Matrilineal
  • Patrilinical 
3. Authority
  • Matriarchal 
  • Patriarchal

4. Marriage

  • Polygamous
  • Polyandrous
  • Monogamous
Matriarchal and Patriarchal families are divided as under :- 
  • Immediate
  • Conjugal
  • Extended
  • Consanguine
  • Matronymic
  • Patronymic
  • Orientation
  • Procreation

Residence :- 

1. Matrilocal residence :- In it residence of female is given more importance than that of the male member. In fact husband moves lo the residence of his wife and begins t live there.

2. Patrilocal residence :- It is just the reverse of matrilocal residence and in ii wife lives in the residence of the husband This is quite common these days. 

3. Changing Residence:-  In this system neither husband nor wife permanently live in each other's residence but live alternatively at each other s residence. 

4. Matrilineal family:- In this type of family mother is the basis for all authority. All rights and privileges are decided on the basis of one s relationship with the mother Even the right of inheritance is decided in the lineage of the mother.

5. Patrilinieal family:-  It is just the reverse of matrilineal family and in it father, instead of mother, is the main source of authority. 

6. Immediate family:-  It is the type of family in which only father, mother and their children and no other person is included. 

7. Conjugal family:-  In it only husband and wife live together 

8. Extended family:-  It is the type of family in which not only husband and wife alone but also other relatives of the family live alone with the family

9. Consanguin family :-  in this family blood relations along with the family sisters. brothers etc live along with husband and wife.

10. Matronymic family :-  in this form of family descendent starits with the mother . 

11. Patronymic family:-  lt is just the reverse of A family the above descendents staris with the father.

 12. Orientation family: - A family in which individual is born is called orientation family.

13. Procreation family:- A family in which individual gets marrried is called procreation family. Thus husband's family is procreatiun family for the wife and vice versa.

14. Polygamous family: - In it a man permitted to marry more than one wife an keep them all in his house.

 15. Polyandrous family:-  In it a woman allowed to marry more than ne husband and keep them all with herself in the family

16.Monogamous family :- lt is the type of family it which one man is allowed to have only one woman and neither of them is allowed to have more than one at Any stage. 

17. Matriarchal family:-  Some thinkers make us believe that in the past all authority in a family was vested m the mother, Since father tired usually  outside the house for hunting and was also engaged m earning his livelihood the children key only of the mother. In this, form of family descent is  through female members of the family and husband has only a secondary  and subordinate position A husband is required to dive at the residence of the wife He es en does not enjoy that high position which the brothers of the wife enjoy. He is  sometimes: merely a casual visitor and children are brought up under the care o mother, rather than the father As regard property, inheritance is through the mother d only female and not the male members succeed to family property possession .

18. Patriarchal family:- As against matriarchal family in a patriarchal family authority of male member or husband is supreme. By some sociologists it is believed that in the past father used to be the sole earning member. He used to do all hard jobs to protect the family, providing them with food, clothing, and shelter. He used to fight against wild animals. Since during these days all this is a difficult job, the whole family not only respected, but also fear from the male head of the family. He had complete and absolute authority and control over the members of his family and even could kill or sell them. The women were required to work under his guidance and control and supposed to obey him. As regards property, inheritance is through the father and only male and not the female members succeed to family property possession.

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